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Operation Steps of Steel Bar Cutting Machine

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Compared with other cutting equipment, Steel Bar Cutting Machine has the advantages of light weight, less energy consumption, reliable operation and high efficiency. Therefore, it has been widely applied in mechanical processing. The operating approach is as follows:

(1) The working table for transferring materials should be kept horizontal with the lower part of the cutter whose length is determined by the length of the processing material.

(2) Please check and confirm before starting that the cutting tool is free from cracks, the bolts of the tool holder are tight, and the protective cover is firm. Turn the pulley by hand, check the gear meshing clearance and adjust the knife clearance.

(3) After starting, the machine should be run empty first. Check that each driving part and bearing of the steel bar cutting machine are running normally before operation.

(4) Don’t cut if the machine doesn’t reach the normal speed. Please use the middle and lower part of the cutter in cutting materials. Hold the steel bar should firmly and put into the cutting edge quickly. The operator should stand on the side of the fixed blade and press the steel bar forcefully to prevent the end of the steel bar from throwing out and injuring others. It is forbidden to hold the steel bar on both sides of the blade with both hands and bend over to feed.

(5) The shear diameter and strength shall not exceed the steel bar specified on the mechanical nameplate and the red-hot steel bar. The total cross section area should be within the specified range in cutting one more steel bar in one time.

(6) Replace the high-hardness cutter in cutting low-alloy steel. The shear diameter should meet the requirements on the mechanical nameplate.

(7) It is strictly prohibited to directly remove the broken ends and sundries near the cutting knife of the steel bar cutting machine by hand during operation. No operator should swing around the steel bar and the cutter.

(8) Stop for maintenance immediately when the mechanical operation is abnormal with uncommon noise and cutter deflection.

(9) Cut off the power after operation, clear the sundries among the cutter with a steel brush and clean lubricating the whole machine.

(10) Check and confirm the hydraulic oil level and the rotation direction of the motor meet the requirements before operation. Start with idle motion, loosen the oil valve, empty the air in the hydraulic cylinder and then cut the bar.

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