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Process Safety Requirements on Steel Bar Straightening Machine

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Nowadays, most of the building construction is reinforced concrete structure where steel processing is common work. The steel bar straightening machine is one of the commonly used machinery in steel processing, mainly for straightening and cutting the diameter of steel bars as well as for rust removal. The Steel Straightener is composed of straightening tube, drawing mechanism, cutting mechanism, fixed length frame, rack and driving device, etc.

The following should be noted while using steel bar straightening machine:

(1) The Steel Bar Straightening Machine shall be installed firmly ensure that the feeder and trough are installed straight and be aligned with the center line of the guide cylinder, straightening drum and the lower blade hole.

(2) Turn the flywheel by hand, check the transmission mechanism and working device, adjust the clearance, and tighten the bolts.

(3) Check the firmness of the main joint part and the lubrication of the rotating part before operation. No other items and tools on the machine.

(4) Confirming the electrical system is normal, operate after starting with idle motion, checking the bearing with no noise and good gear meshing and running normally.

(5) No feeding before the aligning block is not fixed and the protective cover is not covered. It is forbidden to open the protective cover of each part and adjust the clearance during the operation.

(6) Install a section of steel pipe in front of the guide tube, pass the reinforcement through the steel pipe first and then to the guide hole of the front-regulating end.

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