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Solution to Failure of Steel Bar Bending Machine

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In the process of use, if the Automatic Steel Bending Machine cuts the steel continuously, it will affect the normal processing and use and needs to be processed immediately:

Check whether the delayed off time and relay time are adjusted shortly:

If any difference is found, it should be set at 0.2~0.4 seconds; check whether the strength of the steel bar to be bent is too high, the user can re-cut the steel bar that has been bent before on the machine once again, in order to distinguish that the strength of the steel bar to be cut is greater than 750N.

It may be that the steel bar diameter is large, the motor power is not enough, or the cutter head is not sharp enough; use the CNC steel bending center to bend the steel bar, and the steel bar cannot be bent beyond the specified diameter, and the speed cannot be too fast, otherwise it will easily cause equipment damage and fail to complete the bending work Very good.

It may also be that the motor belt of the automatic steel bar bending machine is loose and slipping, and a belt needs to be replaced; due to the type of steel bar, you need to pay attention to the type of steel between bending, and then replace the corresponding mandrel, especially suitable for high hardness or low alloy steel . When performing steel bending processing at the center of the CNC steel bending machine, the oiling operation cannot be performed, and the equipment pollution cannot be removed, because the equipment is easy to cause safety problems when performing other operations.

Check whether the oil pipeline is correctly assembled, and assemble according to the instructions; check whether the lower cutter is too small or interference, generally speaking, the gap of the lower cutter should be kept at about 0.2 mm; check whether the electromagnetic reversing valve is not changed Check the line connection and electrical conditions. If the solenoid directional valve is faulty, it should be replaced.

If the automatic steel bar straightening and cutting machine does not produce a knife at all:

It may be caused by the wrong length setting, or it may be that the steel bar diameter is too small and the steel bar straightening and cutting machine cannot cut it. It may be that the shearing knife of the automatic rebar bending machine is worn or damaged and needs to be replaced; it may be that the gap of the shearing knife of the automatic rebar bending machine is large. It is recommended to adjust the compression bolt; if the upper knife cannot be extended after the CNC Rebar Bending Machine is turned on .

When the CNC steel bending machine is not working:

Check the solenoid valve for damage or debris. If it is found to be damaged, replace it. If there is a foreign object, clean it after disassembly; check whether the AC contactor is burned out If the above problems are found, they can be repaired or replaced.

The CNC steel bending machine does not work normally:

When the CNC steel bar bending machine is working and the required curvature is not reached, check the high pressure for cutting. If the cutting high pressure is abnormal, adjust the pressure according to the manual; check whether the upper and lower knife gap is too large, if found It should be adjusted to about 0.2 mm

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