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What are The Precautions When Using a Steel Bending Machine

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The CNC Steel Bar Bending Machine is a machine specially used to process bar and steel bars. The equipment has the ability to simultaneously perform multi-directional bending in one work unit. Two bending hosts work at the same time, which greatly improves efficiency. It can carry 5 tons of raw materials. Reduce the intensity of manual labor. But what are the precautions when using the machine? Today, our supplier brings you the precautions when using the steel bending machine.

The possible accidents of rebar processing machinery are mainly mechanical injuries (wrapped steel bars popping up to injure people) and electric shocks. Falling from heights may occur when working at heights, and hydraulic equipment may cause high-pressure hydraulic oil to spray and hurt people. The basic requirements for the safe use of automatic steel bar bending machines The installation of the machine should be solid and stable, maintaining a horizontal position.

The steel bar processing machinery should be equipped with a machine shed for outdoor operations. There should be a place for stacking raw materials and semi-finished products to process longer steel bars. There should be special personnel to help and follow the instructions of the operators. The finished products should not be stacked after arbitrary pushing and pulling operations. Clean the site, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, and do a good job of lubrication.

Precautions when using steel bar bending machine

The work surface and the Bending Machine surface should be kept level. Various mandrels and tools should be prepared before operation. According to the diameter and bending radius of the processed steel bars, turn the corresponding specifications of the mandrel, forming shaft, iron stop shaft, and stop iron shaft. There should be a shaft sleeve. The diameter and strength of the retaining shaft shall not be less than the diameter and strength of the steel bars to be bent, and the steel bars that are not straight shall not be bent on the bending machine. Check and make sure that there are no cracks and damages on the mandrel, iron stop, turntable, etc., and the protective cover is firm and reliable, and can work only after normal no-load operation.

During the rotation of the turntable, it is strictly forbidden to replace the shaft core, pin, change the angle, and adjust the speed, nor to clean and refuel. It is strictly forbidden to bend steel bars that exceed the diameter of the machine nameplate. When bending steel bars that have not been cold drawn or have rusty skin, wear goggles.

When bending high-strength steel bars, the maximum allowable diameter specified on the machine nameplate should be followed and the corresponding mandrel should be exchanged. The semi-finished steel bars should be stacked neatly, and the hooks should not face upwards. When the turntable is turning, it should be stopped after being stable.

After the steel bar bending machine has finished its work, it should be shut down to remove the rust and debris in the turntable and the insert hole in time.

Through this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of the precautions when using the steel bending machine. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact the Steel Bending Machine Supplier