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What Are the Main Points of Maintaining a Rebar Cutting Machine?

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As a unique construction equipment, the Rebar Cutting Machine can be put into application only when the instruction manual is carefully interpreted, and the key points of operating the mechanical equipment is grasped: Do not blindly connect it to the power source, or start and debug it hastily without a purpose so as to prevent the damage to the rebar cutting machine. When the equipment leaves the factory, the merchant generally promises to help customers install, debug and train the equipment. But as a consumer, it is still necessary to read the instructions carefully.

According to the instruction manual, we learn that the main points of using the rebar cutting machine are as follows:

First, before using the equipment, check whether all the tools are installed reliably, whether there are foreign bodies in the various transmission systems, moving and rotating parts? If so, clean them up in time to avoid damage to the tools during the test;

The second is to check the gap between the tools. Follow the instructions in the manual or specification. If the gap is too large, it will cause burrs on the surface of the processed rebars, or errors in the accuracy of the rebars;

Third, when using the rebar cutting machine to cut rebars, the operator should pay attention to holding the rebars tightly with the left hand, so as not to cause the rebars to move or the remaining material to jump out and accidentally hurt people due to the shearing force during cutting.

After the work is completed every day, it is necessary to develop the habit of cleaning the cutting tools in time, and at the same time clean up all kinds of debris around the tools to keep the entire rebar cutting machine tidy. It is necessary to remind the operator that the Cutting Machine uses ZG-2 lubricating oil in winter. The lubricating oil of this model is relatively thin and suitable for winter use. In summer, it is best to use ZG-4 lubricating grease. This type of lubricating oil is more viscous and more suitable for summer use.

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