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Rebar Machine
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Rebar Sawing and Threading Machine

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This machine is designed for the steel bar end threading processing,it can finish the thread processing according to request and increase the end diameter when the rebar diameter is too small, to make sure the strength of the thread. If the finished product end is not smooth, this machine may make polishing. This machine is widely used in construction, highway and other industries, Applicable to a variety of different lengths of steel thread making work, It is a better solution if there are many specifications and small quantity for the output products .The machine reduces the auxiliary labor, Achieved the processing thread accuracy and high efficiency ,It is our company high-tech product developed with independent intellectual property rights , the first of this kind in domestic market ,easy to install and use .In short ,We develop diversified products ,simple and effective , to bring real efficiency and benefits to our users .


  1、  The rebar thread making technology achieves automatic production, improves degree of automation of rebar thread making machine and reduce use of labor

  2、  Space saving: SKZ CNC rebar thread making machine could be combined with rebar sawing line, after sawing, the rebar directly goes into the thread making machine,no extra space required to store the rebar.

  3、  Less labor: the machine can be operated by only one person, no need of lifting

  4、  Improve efficiency: produce semi-finished two-ends threading products from raw materials in the shortest period.

  5、  Guaranteed quality: each process is closely linked up, which enables detect and correct abnormal situations in time.

  6、  Easy operation: equipped with humanized operation procedure, can selectively running. The operation is extremely easy.

  7、  Modularized equipment:this machine consists of upsetting and threading part, and these two part can work respectively as single unit.


Sawing Machine
Rebar diameter (mm)12-50
In-put speed (m/min)≥60
Out-put speed (m/min)15-43
Saw width (mm)500
Sawing speed (m/min)28/46/62
Length (m)Manual0.8-12
Length tolerance (mm)±3
Labeled power (kW)13.5
Machine size (mm)26,000*3900*2400
Threading machine
Rebar diameter (mm)20-40
Length (mm)Automatic2000-12000
Conveying speed (m/min)50
Air pressure (MPa)≥0.6
Machine size (mm)17,000x5000x1500mm