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Classification of the Truss Girder Welding Machine

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The Truss Girder Welding Machine Manufacturer introduces the classification of truss beam welding machine

The Truss Girder Welding Machine are often classified according to mechanical sketches, shapes of appearance and structural features.

1.According to the mechanical diagram, it is divided into simple and continuous; static and hyperstatic, flat and spatial. The simply supported truss girder welding machine are the most widely applied.

2.According to the contour, it can be divided into triangles, trapezoids, parallel strings and polygons. The trusses with steep roof slopes often use triangular truss girder welding machine, and the span is generally below 18~24 meters. The trusses with flat slopes often use trapezoids truss girder welding machine with a span of 18~36 meters, which is widely used. Other types of truss girder welding machine are often constructed with relatively simple parallel steel trusses. Polygonal truss girder welding machine are more to be stressed, but they are more complicated to manufacture and are used only in long-span truss girder welding machine at some times. The tower is usually in the shape of a straight line or a broken line.

3.According to the internal force of the rod, the cross section of the rod and the structural characteristics of the joint, it is divided into ordinary, heavy and light truss girder welding machine. Ordinary truss girder welding machine generally use single-abdominal rods, usually T-sections composed of two steel angles, and sometimes cross-shaped, trough-shaped or tubular-shaped sections are adopted too, connected by a gusset plate at the joint, simple structure and most widely applied.

Heavy-duty truss girder welding machine with a shape or box section composed of steel board or steel section, the joints are connected with two parallel gussets; they are often used for truss girder welding machine with large spans and loads, such as bridges and large-span roof structures. The light truss girder welding machine is made up of small angle steel and round steel or thin-walled steel; the joints can be connected with gussets, and the bars can be directly connected; it is mainly used for small span and light roof structures.

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