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Mesh Welding Machine
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Wire Mesh Welding Machine

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The intelligent steel mesh production robot KZH3300KX can be used for the production and welding of standard mesh and perforated mesh for prefabricated building concrete prefabricated components. The machine can be hot rolled ribbed steel bars, cold rolled ribbed steel bars, light round steel bars and light circles. Cold drawn steel bars are used for high quality cross welding, with high output, high precision, convenient modification, low operation failure rate, high energy saving, low consumption and high quality.

MaterialCross wire&line wire:

High quality low carbon steel wire, cold-drawn steel wire, cold-rolled ribbed steel wire with clear surface and without rusting, lime drawing powder, water stain, scabbing

Max. mesh width (cross wire length)3,300 [mm]
Max. outmost line wire dimension3,100 [mm]
Max. mesh length (line wire length)in panel: 2-6 [m]
Line wire spacing≥50 [mm],Multiplier of 50,programmable adjustable
Cross wire spacing≥50 [mm], programmable adjustable
Line wire diameterΦ5 – Φ12 [mm]
Cross wire diameterΦ5– Φ12[mm]
Max. welding capacityΦ12 + Φ12[mm]
Max. welding speed90 – 120 [strokes/min] (cross wire no°/min)
Air consumption≥0.7Mpa, 3m3/min
Electronic parts specifications:
Numbers of welding transformer2
Numbers of electrode64
Power supply voltage380 [V] – 50 [Hz] – 3 [Phase]
Control voltageDC24 [V]
Welding machine installed power2*160 [KVA]
Machine overall dimension29m(L) × 12m(W) × 3.75m(H)
Main Machine  weight35,000Kg
Power modePneumatic system+servo motor+PLC+touch screen


1. Processable standard mesh and open mesh
2. Powerful, high-quality cross welding of hot rolled ribbed steel bars, cold rolled ribbed steel bars, light round steel bars, and light round cold drawn steel bars
3. The range of weldable steel bars is wide, the transverse bars are φ5-φ12 (mm), and the longitudinal bars are φ5-φ12 (mm)